Dear Members,

Welcome back.

Your patient, adaptable and enthusiastic response to the club’s re-opening has been heartening. Court occupancy is at a high level, our pros are well utilized and we have a strong record of compliance with COVID-19 rules. Our membership is currently over 400 members and continues to grow.

The Club welcomes back its head tennis pro, Radu Popescu, and its head assistant pro, Anna Rozin, each returning for their sixth season. I’m pleased that the Club can offer members a coaching service that meets a high professional standard, is stable and is familiar with the club membership. For a full listing and profiles of the teaching team members, please refer to the Pro Corner tab on the web site.

In the year of COVID-19, the Club has a full complement of summer staff to assist members with compliance with city and provincial regulations for safe play and contact tracing. Returning staff are Michael Dolman, Gabriel Petitpas Fung, Katrina Laham, and Vanessa Laham. The Club welcomes new monitors, Nick Martino and Andrei Corlaci.

I ask that each member continue to comply with the guidelines for play. I summarize a number of them below. You may read the full text of the City of Toronto guidelines in our “News” section.

“All tennis players should self-screen to limit the introduction of infection.”

“Anyone who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or has had close contact with a confirmed case cannot enter a community tennis club.”

“All activities must always comply with the social distancing measures and recommendations issued by federal, provincial, and municipal government authorities, including the arrival and departure of players.”

“Bring tennis balls with distinct numbers or identify your balls with a marker in order to differentiate them and only handle balls that belong to you…Do not touch any other balls or equipment.”

"Arrive as close as possible to the game start time. Where possible, games, game times, and courts should be booked in advance.”

“Only singles tennis should be played at this time.”

“Leave the court and facilities immediately after you finish playing.” Note that our washrooms and clubhouse are closed.

“Each Community Tennis Club must maintain a record system to track all players using the facility each day and the time they used it.” This is to facilitate contact tracing. Please ensure you are identified in our daily log in the record.

“Spectators are not allowed.” Further, the Club policy will not allow guests to play.

Enjoy the season.

Hubert Lum, President

The Neil Campbell Award

The Neil Campbell Award recognizes the TPTC member who best exemplifies sportsmanship, dedication to the game of tennis, and contribution to our Club and community. Neil was a longtime member who loved the game and the Club. He served on the Executive Board for many years, played for the Club's competitive teams, and regularly participated in Wednesday Round Robins. He was always a gentleman and a good friend to many. Neil passed away in 2013. This award is meant to honor Neil and promote the good qualities he exemplified.

Starting in 2014, the recipient of this annual award is chosen by a vote of the general membership (via a ballot) during August and September. The award is then presented during the Annual General Meeting. A plaque for this award is kept in a prominent place in the clubhouse.

The 2019 Neil Campbell Award co-winners are Nicolas Martino and Steve Marco. 



Personal Privacy Policy
The club respects your rights to privacy and takes personal privacy seriously. The information that is collected on the membership and program registration forms is limited to what is required to provide you and the associations that the club belongs to with the basic information needed to serve you. TPTC does not sell this information to third parties.

Club Voicemail Update
Based on feedback that has been received, the phone message will be updated regularly and will provide information regarding programs and schedules for the week. Planned events and programs (including cancellations due to inclement weather) can be obtained by calling the club at +1 416 733 4643.

Email Distribution List
Emails will be used for the purpose of notifying members of events related to the ongoing operation of the club and special events. Please be sure to include your primary email contact to ensure that you receive any club related information. It is recommended that you add tennis@tournamentpark.com to your email contact list.