Covid-19 Status Updated

Published on June 08, 2020

Dear Members

The conditions surrounding community tennis clubs in Toronto remain in a state of flux.

Currently, the Tournament Park Tennis Club, as a community tennis club, is not open. The Club responded to a city of Toronto deadline to declare acceptance or rejection of its 2020 seasonal permit to operate as a community club by rejecting the permit. The reason for the decision was the lack of insurance coverage for the Club for pandemic claims.

Further, the city of Toronto, which operates public tennis courts, declined to indemnify any community tennis club from lawsuits related to COVID-19. These factors exposed the Club’s assets and Club’s Directors, personally, to COVID-19 lawsuits. A large majority of community tennis clubs in North York, Toronto and Scarborough also rejected their permits for the same reasons.

Late last week, insurance for COVID-19 was identified. Its suitability is now being examined. The city of Toronto has confirmed it will be agreeable to re-instating community tennis club permits to operate in 2020. These developments provide hope for salvaging the 2020 season.

Meanwhile, your Board decided to leave up our club-owned nets and windscreens so that our community can play tennis. The city of Toronto has the option to open the courts as a public facility under public rules.

In these unprecedented times, we hope you will remain patient, but those members who wish a refund, please contact the Club through its email.

Hubert Lum, President