Tips & Tricks

What Tennis Can Teach Us About Technology

In the winter of 1947, Howard Head, an aerospace engineer, was skiing down Stowe Mountain when he decided that wooden skis were a terrible idea. He kept tripping on the long hickory blades; the material was too heavy for such a nimble ... Read more »

The Trick Shot: Using the Whole Court

Federer makes full use of the court — including the service-box areas — better than anyone else on the tour.Most players (like Lleyton Hewitt) spend their time hoping to keep the ball deep. Federer seems to spend his time ... Read more »

Breakdown of Roger Federer’s tennis serve

Roger Federer has one of the most smooth and effortless tennis serves in the world and he has one of the most underrated serves going around. Although Federer does not reach quite the speeds of some of the other professional tennis ... Read more »