Tips & Tricks

First Serve: Taking Charge Early

Federer has a terrific serve, regularly clocking in at 115-125 m.p.h., but unlike, say, Andy Roddick, he’s not looking for the ace.Instead, he uses it to set up a killing follow-up shot or to take command of a rally. His most basic ... Read more »

Service Return: Attacking the Second Serve

Federer is very difficult to ace, yet he’s not heralded for his return, mostly because he doesn’t try to do too much with it.He just wants to get it back, deep, to wipe out the natural advantage of the server.Federer will ... Read more »

Cross-Court Rally: Forcing an Error

Federer is masterly at executing the low backhand slice (1) to his opponent’s forehand or backhand, inviting a cross-court return to Federer’s forehand.Opponents like James Blake sometimes try to beat him to the punch.If ... Read more »